A primary care physician can help you with many types of medical conditions. You know your doctor wants you to take good care of your heart, but things like stress matter, too. That’s especially because there are known correlations between stress and heart conditions. However, new studies suggest that women with heart disease may be more affected by stress than men. Here are some things Palmetto Tri-County Primary Care wants you to know about women’s heart health and stress.

  • How stress impacts women’s hearts – Psychological stress can leave women especially vulnerable to heart and blood flow problems. Scientists found that mental stress caused the study participants’ blood vessels to constrict. They also found that mental stress and physical stress take an equal toll on women, especially those who are already dealing with heart disease.
  • Awareness is important – Doctors want to make women more aware of how stress can impact their health. Another part of the mission is to show women ways in which they can better take care of themselves.
  • There are things you can do to lower stress and keep your heart healthy – While there’s no way to totally eliminate stress. primary care physicians suggest finding ways to reduce its effects. They recommend staying active since exercise works as a great stress reliever for many people. However, if you’re dealing with a lot of stress or are having trouble managing it, schedule an appointment with a primary care physician. Your doctor will help find the best stress solution for you.

To speak to a primary care physician about your heart’s health or about stress, contact Palmetto Tri-County Primary Care.

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