The flu is something that should never be ignored. While it seems like a routine illness, It can be deadly. Although getting a flu shot is the best way to avoid this virus, there’s always confusion over this vaccination. One of the main things people wonder about is whether they should even get the shot. At Palmetto Tri-County Primary Care, our primary care physicians have your best interests at heart. Here’s a basic overview of who should get the flu shot.

Most people need a flu shot each year.

Primary care physicians recommend that most people aged six months and older get the flu vaccination. Unlike some other vaccinations, these shots should be received each year since the makeup of the vaccine changes. Flu shots are typically recommended for pregnant women, as well as anyone who suffers from a chronic health condition.

Is there anyone who should not get vaccinated?

If you have concerns about the flu shot, it’s best to speak with primary care physicians about your particular situation. Newborns (children younger than six months) and those who are allergic to the shot are the two main groups of people who should typically avoid this vaccine.

Don’t wait until you’ve caught the flu to take action. Call Palmetto Tri-County Primary Care’s primary care physicians to get a flu shot today.

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