In most cases, your doctor will advise that you get a flu shot. Have you gotten yours? DespiteĀ all the information that’s out there, our primary care physicians know that many people may still have hesitations about getting this vaccination. Palmetto Tri-County Primary Care some important information about the flu shot that may help make your decision easier.

Why is the flu shot so important?

You need to get the flu vaccine to protect yourself from this illness. But others’ health is at stake, too. Children and seniors are especially vulnerable to the flu. By getting a shot, you’re reducing the chances for this virus to spread.

When should you get a flu shot?

In general, it’s recommended to get the flu shot before the start of the flu season every year. We recommend that you pay our office a visit sometime in October. By getting the shot early, you’ll build up immunity and have a lesser chance of catching and spreading the flu. (It takes at least two weeks for the vaccine to fully take effect so your body will be able to fight off this virus.)

Don’t wait to visit primary care physicians for the flu shot. Contact Palmetto Tri-County Primary Care today to make an appointment at our Lancaster, SC doctor’s office.

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