Just like many other medical conditions, there’s plenty of incorrect information floating around about the flu shot. Many primary care physicians face many questions about¬†the flu vaccination each year. For instance, you may be wondering how effective the flu shot really is. Today, Palmetto Tri-County Primary Care wants to clarify things so you’ll feel more confident in the¬†effectiveness of the vaccine.

Is the shot effective? Why?

Current research shows that the flu shot reduces your chances of catching this viral infection by approximately 40-60%. However, the shot’s effectiveness may vary from one year to the next depending on your age, your health, and changes in the virus from one season to another.

Even with the shot, can I still catch the flu?

Unfortunately, yes. It’s still possible for you to catch the flu even if you got the shot because there are many different strains. You may also catch the flu if you were exposed before you got the shot. The traditional flu shot is made from a dead form of the virus, meaning you can’t get the flu from the vaccination itself. If you’re concerned about the shot, meet with a primary care physician for reliable information.

What will the flu shot do for me if I catch the flu?

The flu shot can significantly lower the length and severity of your illness. Your recovery will be easier and you’ll be at a lower risk for associated respiratory infections.

Don’t get sidelined by the flu. Come to Palmetto Tri-County Primary Care’s primary care physicians for your vaccination so you can stay as healthy as possible.

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