Your immune system is one of the most important keys to good health. But what can you do to keep your immune system at its best? Like many other things, your diet plays a key role in building immunity. At Palmetto Tri-County Primary Care, our doctors want you to know about some simple changes to your diet that can have a big payoff for your immune system.

Eat more fruits & vegetables

You’ve always heard that you need to eat more fruits and vegetables…and we’ll tell you the same thing! In addition to many other health benefits, these foods also boost immunity. Find ways to add more of these foods to your diet to increase the number of antioxidants and vitamins you consume.

If you eat meat, choose poultry or fish

Poultry and fish are known to be better for you than red meat. They can also aid your immune system. Consider finding recipes that contain these ingredients if you’re looking to stay healthy through the end of winter and early spring.

Snack on seeds & nuts

Finally, when you need a crunchy snack, turn to seeds and nuts instead of chips or crackers. Almonds and sunflower seeds, for example, are full of nutrients.

A visit with a doctor at a family medicine practice is important for making sure you’re as healthy as possible.¬†Contact the doctors at Palmetto Tri-County Primary Care for an appointment to find out how you can strengthen your immune system.

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