We all know that getting a flu shot is the best way to avoid influenza this winter. So what if you get sick before you’ve had a chance to get vaccinated? For starters, you’ll want to call your primary care physician to see if an antiviral medication like Tamiflu can be prescribed. But after you get home, how can you stay more comfortable while you wait for the virus to run its course? There are a number of at-home remedies that may be able to keep your flu symptoms under control. Here are three things to try from Palmetto Tri-County Primary Care:

  1. Get some sleep – Rest is usually the best thing you can do for your body when you’re sick, especially if you have the flu. Taking it easy, whether you’re asleep or not, can help strengthen your immune system – and a strong immune system is one of the best ways to fight off the flu.
  2. Take over-the-counter meds – Consult with your doctor to see if ibuprofen or other OTC pain relievers could help you. These medications help with the aches and pains of the flu, making it easier for you to sleep, eat, and drink.
  3. Drink plenty of fluids – Speaking of drinking, make sure you’re getting lots of fluids. It’s easy to get dehydrated when you have the flu. Stick to water, juices, and soups for the best benefits.

If you think you’ve caught the flu, don’t wait to schedule an appointment with a primary care physician. Palmetto Tri-County Primary Care serves people in Lancaster, SC and surrounding areas.

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