Parents and guardians will do just about anything to keep their children happy, safe, and healthy. Unfortunately, childhood illnesses are a fact of life. This time of year, influenza is of particular concern to families. Here at Palmetto Tri-County Primary Care, our primary care doctors want to help you protect your entire household from the flu, including your little ones. Here are three ways you can reduce your kids’ chances of getting the flu virus.

Get the flu shot

First and foremost, make sure everyone in your home gets the flu shot. The same goes for anyone who spends a lot of time around your kids. Without this vaccination, you’re at a much higher risk of contracting the flu. If one person gets sick, the virus can easily be passed on to others. If you ever have any questions about who should or should not receive the vaccine, talk to your primary care physician.

Avoid people who are sick

When friends, family, or coworkers become sick, keep your distance as much as you can. If they are diagnosed with the flu, stay away until they recover and have your children do the same. If people in your home come down with the flu, ask your doctor about antiviral drugs that can keep you from getting sick or reduce the length of your illness.

Follow good hygiene practices every day

There are many preventative measures you can take to protect everyone in your household from influenza – especially your kids. Covering your nose and mouth when you sneeze, washing your hands frequently, and disinfecting surfaces regularly can be a great help. Teach your kids about these habits and encourage them to follow these practices all year long.

There may be other things you can do to keep your family healthy. Call Palmetto Tri-County Primary Care to schedule an appointment with one of our primary care doctors in Lancaster, SC.

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